Reviving PyData Bangalore

I moved to Bangalore in February this year to work at Grofers. Just like every other person who moves to a new city (not really), I started looking for tech meetups which I could attend.

Python meetups were the obvious first choice because of my love for the programming language. I found three: BangPypers, PyData Bangalore and PyLadies Bangalore. The last two had been dormant for 2 years. This was kind of a bummer since I'd been to the PyData meetups in Delhi and knew how fun they are!

During this period of time, I met Anushtha Kalia at Grofers, who is also from Delhi and was an organizer for PyData Delhi. We started discussing about ways to revive the PyData community in Bangalore.

We reached out to the current organizer and also posted a message on the Telegram group to understand why the meetups weren't happening. After receiving no response, we reached out to the PyData admin ( to let us organize the meetups.

A fresh start; and call for proposals

We're organizing PyData Bangalore Meetup #1 on June 15, 2019! This first meetup will be hosted at Grofers Tech Office in Bangalore. Doors will open at 10:00 AM, and talks will start at 10:15 AM.

The schedule consists of four talks, 30 minutes each. As you would've guessed correctly, we don't have any speakers since this is the first meetup :) So we've created a GitHub repo where you can propose talks by simply opening an issue. This process keeps everything open and transparent.

The plan is to do one meetup every month. We'd love to see that number grow to two meetups a month! If you would like to volunteer for future meetups, please stick around for some time after the meetup ends.

Join the conversation

You can get the latest updates by following PyData Bangalore on Twitter.

We encourage you to join the conversation on our Slack workspace. Make sure you head to the #introductions channel and introduce yourselves! We chose Slack instead of using the Telegram group as it offers the option to have different channels with different purposes. The Telegram group also gets a lot of spam messages. We plan to moderate that on Slack.

Hope to see you at the first meetup on June 15.

To infinity and beyond!

Update: The PyLadies Bangalore meetup has also been revived!